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One modular system for both solid panel hoarding and temporary fencing.

The ‘Lomax System’ offers a range of reusable modular products that can be deployed to build structurally engineered indoor and outdoor hoardings, plus offers a ‘safe pedestrian zone’ temporary fencing solution.

Simple Indoor Hoarding Build Process

Buy or hire the ‘Lomax System Components’ so you can add your own panels/timbers and self-install your solution OR have our teams or certified stockists supply everything and install/remove it for you

Why Choose Lomax System?

‘Safe Pedestrian Zone’ Temporary Fencing Solution
  • No trip hazard – Only 3cm protruding at front
  • Narrow total footprint of 46cm
  • Triangulating support post
  • Integrated Panel Clamps
  • Saddle Weight available for higher wind speeds
Certified to Australian Standard AS4687-2022
  • Tested by multiple structural engineers
  • Fencing Aperture and Load Tested
  • Compliant to multiple wind speeds
  • Tested for various shielding and terrains
  • Hoarding Free-stand indoors to 8mH, outdoors to 4mH
Clever Dual-Function Counterweights
  • Rotate for either Hoarding or Fencing.
  • Suits 32mm OD Fence Panels
  • Patented Design
  • 18Kg with Easy Carry Handles
  • Modular stacking shape

Reusable Modular System

Structurally engineered and certified HOARDING and FENCING solutions.

Buy or hire the ‘Lomax System Components’ so you can add your own panels / timbers and self-install your solution OR have the Ready Fence team supply everything and install / remove it for you.

Structurally Engineered and Certified System

Completely Freestanding (To 8mH)

Narrow Footprint (From 46cm)

Secure Counterweights by Design

Triangulating Support Post

Indoor and Outdoor Configurations

‘Stay Straight’ Crossbeam

‘Dual Function’ Counterweights

Structurally Engineered and Certified System

‘Safe Pedestrian Zone’ Solution

Narrow Footprint (Just 46cm)

Triangulating Support Post

No additional ‘Rear Brace’ needed

‘Dual Function’ Counterweights

No Separate Panel Clamps

Fits Standard 32mm OD Panels

Solutions for all of Australia

Lomax System is available across Australia for sale or hire


Tailored Solutions for Various Environments

Indoor Solutions

Ideal for shops and shopping centres, providing secure and private enclosures.

Outdoor Solutions

Designed to withstand the elements, perfect for outdoor commercial & industrial projects.

Safe Pedestrian Zones

Ensures the safety of foot traffic in high-traffic areas with our narrow footprint design.

Just Some of our valued clients that have used The Lomax System