Light Gauge System

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The Light Gauge panel system is manufactured with high-quality steel, mesh and welding procedures which is hot dipped galvanised after welding, making the panel more robust and stable. The panels are locked together with hot-dipped galvanised steel clamps providing extra strength and stability.

The yellow concrete capped footing blocks use high-grade plastic with UV rating to avoid fading. The blocks are filled with a complex concrete mix to add weight and stability to the system. See accessories for bracing, shade cloth, handrail, gates and dog mesh.

Ready Fence has been granted a design certificate to meet AS 4687-2007.

Overall: 2.1m high x 2.4m wide 32mm OD pipe with minimum 2.0 mm wall thickness
Mesh wire infill: 4mm 150mm x 60mm spacing
Finish: Hot dipped galvanised steel

Weight: 22KG

Overall: 560mm long x 190mm wide x 135mm high
Weight: 31Kg