Armorzone Water Barriers and Mesh Panels

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Our Water filled Armorzone barriers are made from high-quality UV stabilised polythene. This makes for a heavy-duty, yet portable temporary barrier that can be quickly and easily deployed. The orange plastic barriers are bright and instantly visible from a distance, they have undergone rigorous testing and are NCHRP-350 TL2 Compliant. Water-filled barriers are suitable for up to 50KM/H roads (Maximum 70km/h).
The installation process involves placing and interlocking each barrier with a steel twin pin connector, then each barrier is filled with water once in the correct position (water filling is completed on-site). Armorzone barriers provide a safe work zone for temporary worksites. These barriers are most suitable for active construction sites, road maintenances, civil projects and events.
Our Mesh Panels can add additional screening by simply inserting them into the Armorzone Barrier