Crowd Control Barriers for Hire

At Ready Fence we have some of the most reliable crowd control barriers around Sydney and are one of the most dependable companies when it comes to crowd control fencing hire.

Covid-19 Update on Temporary Crowd Control Barriers:

Covid-19 crowd control barrier hire for social distancing restrictions and lockdown

Corona Control Zones

We can supply crowd control barriers for lockdown restrictions such as:
Parks crowd control barrier
Separating playgrounds crowd control barrier
Isolation zones crowd control barriers

General crowd control barriers
Lockdown fencing crowd control barriers

Social distancing restriction crowd control barrier

Safety is the number one priority for any event, project and worksite. Both our light and heavy gauge crowd control barriers ensure crowd and pedestrian safety. Both our light and heavy gauge crowd control barriers are made with a locking system, with a flat feet base which ensures stability and safety as this system reduces trip hazards at your event and worksite.

We make crowd control in Sydney simple and easy with our range of light and heavy gauge durable fencing and barriers. Both these systems are designed to be easily erected and taken down which reduces hassle and saves time.

Our crowd control barriers are some of the most consistent and trustworthy fencing in Sydney. Contact us today regarding our fencing hire and our range of crowd control barriers for Sydney and Australia.