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Economical Fencing Panel Solutions

At Ready Fence, we understand the dynamic needs of Australian businesses and homeowners for reliable, flexible fencing solutions.

Our range of portable fences, especially our featured light gauge system, offers the perfect blend of durability, ease of installation, and versatility.

Whether you’re looking to buy or hire, our solutions are tailored to meet your project’s specific requirements.

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Why Portable Fences?

Portable fences are the ultimate choice for temporary fencing needs, providing security, privacy, and boundary delineation with the flexibility to move and rearrange as projects evolve. Ideal for construction sites, events, residential projects, and more, our portable fences stand out for their:

  • Ease of Installation: Quick to set up and dismantle, saving you time and labour costs.
  • Versatility: Suitable for a wide range of applications, from securing construction sites to creating temporary enclosures for events.
  • Durability: Made to withstand Australian conditions, ensuring longevity and reliability.

Spotlight on Light Gauge System

Our Light Gauge Portable Fences are a testament to innovation in fencing solutions. Engineered for those who need a balance between lightweight design and durability, these fences offer:

  • Superior Materials: Constructed with high-quality steel, mesh, and hot-dipped galvanised for enhanced robustness and stability.
  • Lightweight Design: Easy to manoeuvre and reposition, perfect for dynamic project sites.
  • Cost-Effective: An economical choice without compromising on quality, offering great value for both hire and purchase options.

Accessories and Compliance: Accompanied by a range of accessories and compliant with Australian safety standards, ensuring your peace of mind.

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Our Range of Portable Fences:

Besides our light gauge system, Ready Fence boasts a comprehensive selection of portable fencing solutions to cater to any need. From heavy-duty options for maximum security to specialised pool fencing for safety, our portfolio ensures you’ll find exactly what you need for your project.

Hire or Buy – Flexible Options for Every Need:

Understanding the diverse needs of our customers, we offer both sale and hire options for our portable fences. Whether you’re looking for a short-term solution for an event or a long-term investment for ongoing projects, Ready Fence has you covered. Fill out our quote form to the left or below and let’s get you the portable fences you need.

All Our Fence Panel Types

Economy Light Gauge

This is our most economical panel making it lightweight and easy to maneuver, install or relocate.

Light Gauge

The panels are locked together with hot-dipped galvanised steel clamps providing extra strength and stability.

Heavy Gauge

Hot dipped galvanised after welding, making the panel the most robust panel in the market.

From Our Customers

Readyfence is our go to supplier for Temp Fencing and have been for years. There is a reason for this, they never say no even to the impossible. I highly recommend the team. Switch over and you will not regret it.

Alex Mountakis

When it comes to construction site fencing you can’t go past Readyfence. I’ve been using Readyfence for 10+ years and they are reliable, professional and very easy to deal with.

James Ronsisvalle

Ready Fence quoted our fencing job promptly after contacting them. The job was to fence approx. 1km of fencing around the perimeter of our vacant land.

Connor Smith